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Our Programs & Initiatives

KPRC supports cutting-edge research directed toward identifying historical and contemporary challenges facing Kurdish society at national, regional and international levels. Through comprehensive academic and policy-oriented research it seeks to address political implications of the increasing importance of the Kurds for the future of both the Middle East and international politics, particularly in the context of forging a strategic U.S.-Kurdish partnership.

KPRC strives to build collaborative networks of researchers, policy-makers and partner institutes across the U.S., Europe and the Middle East which will immensely contribute to finding solutions to regional and global problems related to the economy, politics, security, military, energy and the environment and hence promote a common social and political vision based on such core values as democracy, peace, justice, and equality.
KPRC disseminates its findings and views by publishing bulletins, background papers, policy briefs, opinion editorials and organizing workshops and conferences informing the general public and the policy-makers in the decision-making process. 



By highlighting current U.S. policies and hearings in relevance to U.S.-Kurdish common concerns, KPRC provides expertise and advice to U.S. policymakers and civil society organizations in an effort to reach bipartisan support on key areas and crucial reforms in regards to U.S.-Kurdish relations.


Dialogue Initiatives

KPRC facilitates visits to Washington D.C. and other major U.S. cities and meetings with U.S. policymakers and media outlets for leading Kurdish political leaders, civil society leaders, journalists, scholars, and activists. In addition, bringing together this diverse coalition of experts, practitioners and stakeholders, it supports constructive dialogue by initiating conferences, panel discussions, and round-tables between and among Americans and Kurds.

Educational Initiatives

KPRC connects people within and outside the Kurdish region through lectures and workshops in the field of Kurdish studies with a wide array of political, military, security, and economic issues.

Leadership Development Internship Program

KPRC aims to provide opportunities for students and recent graduates from all over the world who consider careers in fields related to Kurdish studies with particular focus on policy analysis and evaluation to cultivate their leadership potential while developing professional skills through research, advocacy and dialogue.

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